Geometric is Dom Aversano's debut release in collaboration with Japanese cellist Shizuku Tatsuno. It features compositions inspired by four shapes: a circle, trapezium, crescent, and pyramid.

Handpans, Bongos / Dom Aversano
Cello / Shizuku Tatsuno



"Music so excellent I just bothered to download it" – Mira Calix (Warp Records)

"With his deep and focused composition, Dom is taking handpan music to a completely new level. Emotional and intelligent at the same time. Ambitious, yet not pretentious." – Lauri Wuolio (Kumea Sound)



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by Dom Aversano

Geometric is an urban influenced classical music project inspired by India. The album combines Indian rhythm and Western harmony, with unique compositions formed by four geometric shapes: a trapezium, pyramid, circle, and crescent. Performed on the handpan, cello, and percussion.