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I provide handpan ("Hang Drum") lessons in London, as well as over Skype. If you are interested in finding out more, then please send me an email using the address above. 


My entry into music came from learning the drum kit as a child, classical piano as a teenager, and the handpan as an adult. I have played handpan and performed my compositions in concert halls ranging from The Southbank Centre to The Bhavan Centre, as well as festivals such Latitude and The Cock and Bull.

I have learned from music around the world, such as Zimbabwean mbira music, Indonesian Gamalan, and South American folklore, but in particular have dedicated myself to studying the South Indian classical tradition of Carnatic Music, with mridangam virtuoso Master Balachandar. 

With an interest in technology and its application to music, I helped create the award winning installation The Cave of Sounds, which was exhibited in Italy, Canada, and the UK, in venues that include The V&A and The Barbican Centre.